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  • 1. What is XML Viewer?

    XML Viewer is a MindFusion offering that lets you view and examine an XML file’s contents in a simple and minimalistic environment. Moreover, the tool helps you modify XML, which includes deleting and inserting nodes, and also deleting and adding attributes to current elements.

  • 2. What is MindFusion?

    Founded in Sofia, Bulgaria in 2001, MindFusion is a software vendor that makes available high-quality software tools to small and big firms at affordable prices. The people at MindFusion write some great software and XML Viewer is only one of the many tools they’ve created. The firm started with outsourcing its services. And, in 2003, it started to develop its inaugural programming tool.

  • 3. Is XML Viewer free?

    XML Viewer is completely free to download and use for personal or non-commercial use. Business organizations, on the other hand, who are seeking a lifetime license would have to shell out $10 per copy. The download file is small and can be downloaded from MindFusion’s official website.

  • 4. How is the user interface like?

    The tool boasts of an intuitive environment that lets you analyze file contents easily. The files’ elements are presented in a tree-like structure. Upon selecting an element, the content XML code opens up in the ‘source’ window, with properties being displayed in the ‘attributes’ window. The movable windows are repositionable.

  • 5. What are the tool’s salient features like?

    XML Viewer is rewritten completely to provide its users more features. The color-coded XML tree looks fresh and the colors can also be changed as per preferences. XML nodes support bookmarks, wrapping and line numbers. Moreover, loading has been greatly optimized, and huge files can now be parsed and dished out lightning fast.

  • 6. Is there editing support?

    Though the program’s primary function is letting you clearly assess the XML documents, there is support for editing capabilities too. For example, you would be able to append properties to particular items, add new items, delete specific items’ properties, or delete current items.

  • 7. What is the ‘drag and drop’ feature?

    The ‘drag and drop’ functionality is an easy method to open files within the tool. The tool offers one click ‘tree-collapse’ and ‘tree-expand’ features. Moreover, the it provides the option to preview the image file that comes in the XML file.

  • 8. Does XML Viewer render SVG files?

    Yes, the tool also renders scalable vector graphics (SVG) files, besides the encoded base-64 images. Moreover, there is also no upper limit to how many XML files you could load simultaneously. This feature should come in handy for people who deal with huge numbers of XML files.

  • 9. How popular is the software?

    For years, XML Viewer has been preferred by business entities and also private individuals to view XML files. The software sees several hundred downloads on a daily basis, and is considered among the best XML viewing tools in the industry. The neat balance between uncompromising performance and useful features probably does the trick for its patrons.

  • 10. How is the online user community?

    Like most popular products and services, XML Viewer has its fair share of user communities online as well. These communities are frequented by hundreds of users on a daily basis, who pose their questions and/or answer the queries raised. If you have issues working with the tool, you can always resort to these communities for some timely and free assistance.

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